Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spinning in the window!

our new drum carder!

following a wool laden lorrie into Carndonah - a good omen

setting up the studio window

Seema here filling in for Jenelle.
Despite grey skies and windy conditions, around 30 people spun wool into yarn in the streets and shopfronts of Carndonagh yesterday. Sitting in empty store front windows, or standing out on the sidewalk, people from the age of 6 to 80 got in on the action. We even had one of the local politicians take up a spindle. Overall the day was a wonderful experience of spinning and meeting people. The studio is set up and ready for visitors and makers. Many connections were forged and desires voiced during the event, and as a direct result we will be hosting our first workshop in the new space on Monday.  Felting at 1 p.m. on Monday with local textile artist Maura McLaughlin!

Here's a wee synopsis of recent events:
Sadly, on Thursday Jenelle left to resume her travels. Steve, my fella, arrived to fulfil the role of wrangler and keep Dashiell and myself together.
Friday was spent gearing up for the event, making lists, and contacting people.
Yesterday started in a slight panic with an unanticipated shift of weather! I woke up to pouring RAIN! The mostly “calm day with a chance of showers” was now forecast as gale force winds and rain! I dashed into town to secure a couple of indoor shop front spaces and scope out good alcoves for spinning.  Persevering despite a possible rain-out, Steve and I made it to the studio just after noon and began our mad sprint to the finish line with me setting up the studio space and Steve off to pick up reception supplies. As I was standing in the empty studio wondering how to wash windows and move furniture while wearing the boy in his baby bjorn, two women appeared at the door ready to help.

Mary and Ethna from Culmore had come up from Northern Ireland just for the event. They magically appeared at the studio and took charge of cleaning and arranging the space. It was amazing! After 2 hours, having been scrubbed and sorted, the studio was ready for visitors. A special thanks to Mary and Ethna! Steve, laden with booze and printing, did the final bits and put up signs in the window.  Johnny Shiels and family came by early to card wool for the spinners and set up one of his handmade spinning wheels. Ruth McCartney,(super hero of the carbon footprint team), had beautiful couches and other furniture delivered to the space!  Ger the printer also deserves a special thanks for getting signs done for us without any notice. A special shout out to all those who helped!  This was a truly Irish experience with many hands making light work.

left uncarded wool, right carded wool ready for spinners

Once it was all set to go, the spinners arrived to pick up some wool and take their posts. Remarkably, the weather calmed down enough for us to spin outside. Loads of people showed up for the spinning. There was wool and spinners everywhere!  The studio was full of good craic and song. I was well impressed with the enthusiasm of the group and the interest from new people.
Afterwards we all gathered in the studio and raised a glass to the success of the day and the many people that made it all come together. It was really a wonderful day! Thank you to everyone who supported the event! xoxoxo

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