Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet the Participants Part III - Jenelle Jakobsen

I suppose that it's time that I properly introduce myself. I am Jenelle the blogger, general social media wrangler, Dashiell wrangler, Seema wrangler, felter, cooker, spinner, driver, washer, importer, supporter etc... Seema brought me in from Canada to help with the project. I first started working for S as her studio assistant while I was getting my Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Regina. We worked on a glass tile mosaic that she created for the SNRA building in the Cathedral Area in Regina.

(S and I in 2005 working on the glass tile mosaic. Check out my outfit - Harry Potter tee!)

I then became her cat and house sitter for a while before her and her husband, Steve, and cat Mack moved to Ireland on sabbatical. They have since produced a lovely little boy named Dashiell whom I have been helping care for during Seema's residency here. It's not much different than taking care of a cat.

I first became interested in the fibre arts when I was working at the Prince Albert Arts Centre almost ten years ago. There was a very active Spinners and Weavers Guild there whom I befriended and spent time with while they spun, wove and felted. I did take some workshops with them and developed a passion for felting, needle felting in particular. I am hoping that I am bringing some of that knowledge to this project.

I am enjoying my time immensely here, especially driving on the other side of the road. I will be sad when I have to leave.

(Me spinning with a drop spindle in downtown Carndonagh)

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